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For Ecosystem Restoration Camps I made this video about their first ‘Camp Altiplano’ in Spain (English and Spanish subtitles available).

The purpose of the camp is to house people who, during their stay, learn how ecosystems function, how and why they are degraded, and how these ecosystems, both natural and agricultural, can be rehabilitated.




At the moment I am with Urban Street Forest in Europe’s desert in Spain, documenting our work on landscape restoration and research on desertification.

Coming from the Netherlands, where there is water everywhere, being here, water has suddenly become something holy.

You can find more videos on the Urban Street Forest Vimeo channel and on the Urban Street Forest Facebook page.




Grateful for all the people we met along the way supporting us and collaborating for cleaner oceans!

In this video By the Ocean we Unite’s ambassador Ziggy Alberts about the start of our journey. Ziggy Alberts’ ‘The Ocean Song’ was the first song I thought of when combining music with the footage of our journey.